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Green Med LTD`s founder, Mr Kazim Altinok is a biomedical engineer who is highly specialized in forensics, medical, doping and scientific laboratories.

In time he acquired advanced scientific knowledge with his efforts. In the forensics field, he has 15-year hands-on experience in toxicology. He also built many laboratories and made numerous applications. With this background, he has been doing his own business for over 4 years. He has an invention in the clinical and forensic assays. He provides consultancy services to construction companies on how to build hospitals and laboratories. In present, he has a consultancy contract with Polimeks AS which is one of the biggest conglomerates operate in Turkey and Central Asia.

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Founder & CEO
Kazim Altinok

Why Choose Us

Creating the infrastructure of the technology centre on the nine health laboratories belong to the government in Turkmenistan. The project cost was $120 million and I was the leader of this project.

Dealing with the suppliers and purchasing the required equipment for the Turkmenistan government’s health projects which cost $45 million. This project was a turnkey project and Mr Altinok led it from inception to implementation.

As part of the $5 billion worth of Olympic facilities building project, creating the sportsman hospital and doping laboratory as an end-to-end turnkey project. He also made a presentation of these facilities to the present of Turkmenistan at the opening ceremony of this complex.

Installation of a specialized aviation hospital in the airport,procurement/equipment purchase, setting up the administration,recruitment and training staff.